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90s Hard Rock Spinning Workout Playlist to Smell Like Lean Spirit

90s Hard Rock Spinning Workout Playlist

If you want 90s workout songs that will push you harder than you’ve ever gone, this hard rock routine is THE ONE. There’s something about hard rock songs that stir something deep inside of you and bring out energy you didn’t know you have. Plus, I’ve got a bunch of the 90s headliners: Pearl Jam, Metallica, AC/DC, Nirvana, and Rage Against The Machine. Give this routine a spin–you won’t regret it!

Reminder: I like to teach my spinning classes in a series of exercises that we do 2-4 times through. I pick a couple exercises to make up the series, and we stick to it throughout the class. That way, participants know what to expect, so they can go big when they’re supposed to and not hold back for fear of another interval around the corner.

The Series

  • Song 1: Seated climb, starting moderate intensity and ending hard intensity through adding resistance and increasing RPM / speed.
  • Song 2: Maintain the resistance from the song prior, start seated at hard intensity. Once it gets too hard to maintain a smooth pedal stroke, stand up and then continue to add resistance until you find hard again.
  • Song 3: Maintain the resistance from the song prior. Start at the hard intensity standing and continue until you find a breathless finish. Can be seated or standing.
  • Song 4: Breathless sprints. Time interval increases with each series.


The 90s Hard Rock Spinning Routine and Playlist

Series Song / WorkoutSong
Warm up“Even Flow,” Pearl Jam
Song 1: Climb 1“Enter Sandman,” Metallica
Song 2: Climb 2“Zombie,” The Cranberries
Song 3: Climb 3“Thunderstruck,” AC/DC
Song 4: 30/30 sprints“Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Nirvana
Song 1: Climb 1“The Beautiful People,” Marilyn Manson
Song 2: Climb 2“If Only,” Queens of the Stone Age
Song 3: Climb 3“Heart-Shaped Box,” Nirvana
Song 4: 45/45 sprints“Are You Gonna Go My Way,” Lenny Kravitz
Song 1: Climb 1“Killing In The Name,” Rage Against The Machine
Song 2: Climb 2“My Hero,” Foo Fighters
Song 3: Climb 3“Bullet With Butterfly Wings,” The Smashing Pumpkins
Song 4: 60/60 sprints “You Could Be Mine,” Guns N’ Roses (final recovery will bleed into the cool down)
Cool Down “Creep,” Radiohead

Want to hear the songs?

  • I’ve added all these songs and more to my Spotify playlist here.
  • You can also listen to the entire playlist on YouTube here:

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90s Hard Rock Indoor Cycling Routine