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High Five: Indoor Cycle Routine With Songs From Five Person Bands

Five Person Bands Indoor Cycling Routine

There’s a lot of reasons for an indoor cycling routine themed around five person bands: it could be played in Cinco de Mayo, the 5th of any month, or it’s just a fun way to play a bunch of boy bands, girl bands, and 80s rock bands. This spin routine has some of my favorite musical groups, including: Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, One Direction, AC/DC, Twisted Sister, and more.


Reminder: I like to teach my spinning classes in a series of exercises that we do 2-4 times through. I pick a couple exercises to make up the series, and we stick to it throughout the class. That way, participants know what to expect, so they can go big when they’re supposed to and not hold back for fear of another interval around the corner.

The Series (45-minute Workout)

Do the following exercises, three times through. In between each series, add a heavy sprint song (details below).

The Series:

  • Song 1: Climb. Start at a moderate intensity and add resistance throughout to end at hard. Option to have an intensity surge at the chorus.
  • Song 2: Jumps. Coach jumps as you like, in and out of the saddle.
  • Song 3: Breathless at chorus. Start at a high moderate intensity. At the chorus, go faster / add RPM to find breathless.

In between each series do a song with three 30 second breathless / 30 second recovery intervals at a heavy resistance. (The songs are moderately paced, so the heavy resistance will help riders achieve breathless).

The High Five Indoor Cycling Routine and Playlist

Series Song / WorkoutSong
Warm up“Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” Backstreet Boys
Song 1: Climb“You Make Me Feel…,” Cobra Starship, Sabi
Song 2: Jumps“What Makes You Beautiful,” One Direction
Song 3: Breathless at chorus“Damaged,” Danity Kane
Bonus: Heavy Breathless 30/30“Draw The Line,” Aerosmith
Song 1: Climb“Chasing The Sun,” The Wanted
Song 2: Jumps“Wannabe,” Spice Girls
Song 3: Breathless at chorus“I’m In Love With a Monster,” Fifth Harmony
Bonus: Heavy Breathless 30/30“We’re Not Gonna Take It,” Twisted Sister
Song 1: Climb“You Got It (The Right Stuff),” New Kids On The Block
Song 2: Jumps“Bye Bye Bye,” *NSYNC
Song 3: Breathless at chorus“You Shook Me All Night Long,” AC/DC
Cool Down“ABC,” The Jackson 5

Want to hear the songs? Check out my Spotify playlist here or here:

Catch ya next week!

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