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Spin Routine of the Week #010: The Gift of Spin

Spin Routine of the Week #010: The Gift of Spin

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When you were little, did you ever get a bicycle for Christmas (or other holiday)? Maybe you squealed when you saw your very own bike, complete with blue ribbon poking out of the handlebars and a shiny bell perched on the front. Maybe you begged your dad to take you outside—even though it was freezing and dark. And, once you got the hang of it, you took off down the street, hair billowing in the wind, simply enjoying the feeling of going fast, the excitement of Christmas morning still pulsing in your veins.

That’s the feeling I want to create with this themed ride.

The theme is holiday gifts. I call it, “The Gift of Spin,” but it’s much more silly and carefree than it sounds.

It’s all songs about what you might want for Christmas—diamonds, houses, cars, boats, candy, vacations, all the fun—and not-at-all realistic 🙂 —stuff!

With this class, I recommend asking your riders to recall that memory of first riding a bike or opening up that beloved Christmas present during the songs. Yes, we’re pedaling on a bike that’s going nowhere, but can we picture ourselves out on the open ride, riding without a care in the world, just happy to be doing something we enjoy.

(Btw, if you’re looking for more Christmas or holiday routines and playlists, check out the Punk Rock Christmas routine and the Holiday Hoorah routine.)

Reminder: I like to teach my spinning classes in a series of exercises that we do twice or three times through. I pick a couple exercises to make up the series, and we stick to it throughout the class. That way, participants know what to expect, so they can go big when they’re supposed to and not hold back for fear of another interval around the corner.

The Series (45-minute class)

The series includes the following three exercises, done three times through with an extra interval song in between each series.

  1. Song 1: Moderate intensity; Hard intensity at chorus (mix of resistance and speed to achieve Hard).
  2. Song 2: Jumps (increasing intensity from moderate to hard by increasing resistance).
  3. Song 3: Moderate intensity; Breathless at chorus (mix of resistance and speed to achieve Breathless).

Extra song: Intervals (see details below).

The Playlist

Series Song / WorkoutSong
Warm up“Material Girl,” Madonna
Song 1: Mod; Hard at chorus“I Want Candy,” Aaron Carter
Song 2: Jumps“Diamonds,” Rihanna
Song 3: Mod; Breathless at chorus“In My Car,” The Pack
Extra Song: 30 secs each: mod, breathless, mod, hard, breathless“Barbie Dreams,” FIFTY FIFTY, Kaliii
Song 1: Mod; Hard at chorus“Our Own House,” MisterWives
Song 2: Jumps“Buy Me a Boat,” Chris Janson
Song 3: Mod; Breathless at chorus“Diamonds,” Sam Smith
Extra Song: 30 secs each: mod, hard, breathless, mod, hard, breathless“Girls & Boys,” Good Charlotte
Song 1: Mod; Hard at chorus“Broke Christmas,” Lauren Spencer Smith
Song 2: Jumps“Buy My Own Drinks,” Runaway June
Song 3: Mod; Breathless at chorus“Vacation,” Thomas Rhett
Cool Down“Flowers,” Miley Cyrus

Want to hear the songs? I’ve added all these songs and more to my Spotify playlist here.

Catch ya next week!

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