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How to Prepare to Teach a Spin Class

How I Prepare to Teach a Spin Class

Here’s one thing I can promise you: you’ll never regret spending time preparing for your spin class. It’s true. I’ve had a handful of times where I wished I listened to my playlist just one more time before teaching it. But, your time is precious, so here’s how I prepare to teach a spin class without spending hours agonizing over it. 

I Start By Planning The Spin Class Routine.

Let’s start with the obvious: first you have to create your spin routine. I go into all the details for how to create a spin routine here. The short answer is I usually pick a theme, and then build the songs and exercises around that. You can start however you’d like just make sure you build a routine that’s effective and safe. 

How I Prepare to Teach a Spin Class: Listening to My Playlist. 

Music is a critical component of the spin class experience. It helps set the mood, maintains motivation, and energizes participants throughout the session. When crafting my playlists, I made it a point to select tracks that harmonized with the pace and intensity of my routines.

Here’s where you really should not cut corners: make sure you listen to the whole playlist in its entirety. This is where I usually slip up. If I’m in a rush, I will not listen to the songs all the way through and I won’t realize until it’s too late that there’s a slow ending or an expletive.  

I usually will play my playlist as I’m dropping my kids off at school during the week. It’s become a wonderful way to start my day, and gets me familiar with the songs. 

My Most Critical Spin Instructor Tip: Practicing Out Loud.

Repeat after me: the first time you say something out loud, it will not be smooth. Do not think that practicing in your head is enough before teaching. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable in your own home and practice out loud. Practice saying the warm-up cues, practice explaining proper form. Practice all of it. Eventually, you’ll teach enough classes where you do not have to practice. But, if you’re teaching something new, practice out loud. 

Consider Choosing Clothes You’ve Already Worn. 

As an instructor, my appearance is important, but it’s equally vital to be comfortable. If you’re going to teach a new class where there’s so much to manage at once—the playlist, the choreography cues, the safety cues, the timing—you do not want to also be feeling insecure about what you’re wearing. 

I pick clothes that are tried and true. I know that they’ll hold up during a tough workout and they’ll keep me looking professional and assertive. I do not wear something new for the first time. I’ve accidentally worn see-through pants to teach before, and so I try to go with what I know will avoid that embarrassment. 

In a Rut With How You Prepare to Teach a Spin Class? Always Be Taking Other Classes.

Before I assumed the role of a spin class instructor, I made sure to be an active participant in other fitness classes of all formats. This step was crucial in shaping how I prepare to teach a spin class effectively. Whenever I need inspiration or help getting out of a rut, taking other classes provides me with invaluable insights into different teaching styles, class formats, and the expectations of my future students.

Participating in other classes helps me to watch celebrated instructors in action. I pay close attention to their cues, their music choices, and their ability to motivate the class. This first-hand experience not only enhances my personal fitness and endurance but also gives me a profound understanding of what works best in a spin class.

Being an effective instructor goes far beyond certifications and cycling proficiency. By actively participating in other classes, meticulously planning my routines, fine-tuning my playlists, practicing my cues, and selecting comfortable workout attire, I can step into that spin room with confidence, knowing I prepared appropriately. Follow the above, and you can, too. 

Good luck! 🙂