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Daylight Savings Time Workout Spin Routine and Playlist

Spin Routine of the Week: Daylight Savings Ride

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With Daylight Savings Time (DST) starting on Sunday, I put together a fun DST-themed spin routine and playlist for this week.

I’m OBSESSED with how it starts. I picked a solid warm up with “Sunshine,” by OneRepublic. We’re knee deep in winter and all desperate for that little bit ‘o sunshine! But, it gets better. (I have to say so much during warm up that I don’t like to play my “best” songs until afterwards.)

My fave is next: “My Songs Know What You Did in The Dark,” Fall Out Boy. I love the idea that we’ve been up to some mischief this winter and Patrick Stump is exposing us all. The rest of the ride is a great mix of sunshine-y, happy-go-lucky anthems and songs about flowers and lights and simply enjoying the new season.

  • P.S. If you’re planning ahead, you may want to check out my St. Patrick’s Day spin routine. I’ve been perfecting it for years, and it’s truly one of my favorites to teach!
  • P.P.S. I also put together a list of Oldies Workout Songs (from the 60s, 70s, and 80s) that you might like. I’m uniquely qualified to create it, given I’m born in the 1900s (read: 1990, which I guess is old now 😉). LMK if there are any classics I missed!

Reminder: I like to teach my spinning classes in a series of exercises that we do 2-4 times through. I pick a couple exercises to make up the series, and we stick to it throughout the class. That way, participants know what to expect, so they can go big when they’re supposed to and not hold back for fear of another interval around the corner.

The Series (50-minute class)

The series includes the following four exercises, done three times through.

  1. Song 1: Climb w/ Breathless Sprints at Chorus. Add resistance throughout the song to go from moderate to hard intensity. At the chorus, maintain the resistance and increase pace / RPM to find breathless.
  2. Song 2: Jumps. These songs have a really strong, steady beat. I like to cue jumps or something similar.
  3. Song 3: Standing Climb w/ Seated Hard Intensity at Chorus. It’s all in the title. Riders should stand out of the saddle with moderate resistance, increasing periodically to find hard intensity by the end. At the chorus, maintain resistance, have a seat, and surge to find hard intensity without getting fully breathless.
  4. Song 4: 20/20/20 intervals. 20 seconds moderate, 20 seconds hard, 20 seconds breathless.

The Daylight Savings Time Spin Routine & Playlist

Series Song / WorkoutSong
Warm up“Sunshine,” OneRepublic
Song 1: Climb, Breathless @ Chorus“My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark,” Fall Out Boy
Song 2: Jumps“Soak Up The Sun,” Sheryl Crow
Song 3: Standing Climb, Seated Hard @ Chorus“Sunroof,” Nicky Youre, dazy
Song 4: 20/20/20 intervals“Light Switch,” Charlie Puth
Song 1: Climb, Breathless @ Chorus“Mr. Brightside,” The Killers
Song 2: Jumps“She’s Kinda Hot,” 5 Seconds of Summer (explicit; option to replace w/ “Pocketful of Sunshine,” Natasha Bedingfield)
Song 3: Standing Climb, Seated Hard @ Chorus“Lights,” Ellie Goulding
Song 4: 20/20/20 intervals“Sweat – Remix,” Snoop Dogg, David Guetta
Song 1: Climb, Breathless @ Chorus“Lights and Sounds,” Yellowcard
Song 2: Jumps“Flowers,” Miley Cyrus
Song 3: Standing Climb, Seated Hard @ Chorus“Bright Lights Bigger City,” CeeLo Green
Song 4: 20/20/20 intervals“Walking On Sunshine,” Katrina & The Waves
Cool Down“I Can See Clearly Now,” Johnny Nash

Want to hear the songs? I’ve added all these songs and more to my Spotify playlist here.

Catch ya next week!

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