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21 Motivational Songs for Workouts

Michelle listening to motivational songs for workouts

On days when you don’t feel like working out, you can pop in your headphones, turn on a few motivational songs and sometimes that alone will help you embrace your workout head on. I love how important music can be to a good workout. Pairing the right song with an exercise can take it from just okay to amazing. I’ve previously shared song ideas to help ease the transition for members from summer to fall. Now, let’s take a look at songs that will help inspire participants to notch up their effort level.

Some of these motivational songs use powerful lyrics to motivate listeners and encourage hard work. Others made the list because of their powerful beat. Either way, this list is filled with songs that will motivate members to work harder, go farther and faster.

The Motivational Songs

  1. Bring Me To Life, By Evanescence
  2. Eye of the Tiger, By Survivor
  3. Fight Song, By Rachel Platten
  4. Fighter, By Christina Aguilera
  5. I Will Survive, By Gloria Gaynor
  6. I’m Still Standing, By Elton John
  7. Imma Shine, By YoungBloodz
  8. Livin’ On A Prayer, By Bon Jovi
  9. Lose Yourself, By Eminem
  10. Push It to the Limit, By Paul Engemann
  11. Remember The Name, By Fort Minor
  12. Right Now, By Rihanna and David Guetta
  13. Run The World (Girls), By Beyonce
  14. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You), By Kelly Clarkson
  15. Stronger, By Britney Spears
  16. The Fighter, By Gym Class Heroes feat. Ryan Tedder
  17. The Final Countdown, By Europe
  18. The Middle, By Jimmy Eat World
  19. Till I Collapse, By Eminem
  20. Titanium, By David Guetta feat. Sia
  21. You Gotta Want It, By Jordin Sparks
  22. Hall of Fame, By The Script feat.

The Motivational Songs Spotify Playlist

Use these next time your class needs some new motivational songs to help them give that extra effort. For more song ideas, check out the spin class playlist “Climb & Sprint” combo.