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October Links I Love for Fitness Instructors

Fitness instructor's yoga pose

I’m sure many fitness instructors will agree that this year has flown by, but October went by even faster than usual — and filled with some extra special moments. Most memorable was celebrating Chris and my engagement with friends and family!

Chris and my engagement

As October comes to a close, I can’t help but continue to be excited as we enter my favorite time of year. Before we say hello to stuffing, rainy days and holiday parties, let’s take a look back at some of the most interesting, popular and relevant articles for fitness instructors that surfaced in October.

For those of you that also had a whirlwind October, this is a crash course in what experts in the fitness industry were talking about for the past 31 days. Here’s the roundup of articles to read from the last month.

  1. Refinery29’s new favorite running playlist with lots throwbacks and fresh, energizing songs.
  2. In defense of steady-state cardio — a good reminder in our HIIT-focused fitness industry.
  3. 10 spinning instructors with amazing style, because workout clothes are my favorite clothes.
  4. A new study shows that music helps you enjoy your workouts more, and work harder.
  5. 5 steps to helping clients feel better with exercise.
  6. CrossFit and traditional weightlifting produce different results to keep in mind when choosing a workout.
  7. The eight moves Kayla Itsines would put in a BBG butt workout.
  8. Yoga teachers are living the dream, but are they making a living?
  9. What not to do after a workout — good reminders to share during cool down.
  10. Here’s a super simple plank workout that my class loves via Women’s Health Magazine.

These articles are a great way for fitness instructors to stay up-to-date with the fitness industry in order to continue to offer great classes each and every day. If you enjoyed reading these links, you may also like the top links I loved from August.

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