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“Across the Floor” Exercises for Packed Group X Classes

Group X plank hold

For the Group X instructor that grew up in dance or gymnastics class, you may be familiar with across the floor. That’s when the entire class lines up on one side of the room and takes turns doing a dance move or activity as they progress towards the other side of the room. Across the floor is great for Group X, as well, since it gives participants more room for their exercises and use their muscles in a slightly different way than they would stationary.

If your class runs on the smaller side, you might be able to cue exercises across the floor with the entire class since there’s room for everyone.

But, I’ve found it difficult to cue exercises across the floor in small studios or larger class sizes. Participants tend to run into each other and they spend a lot more time standing around waiting for others to finish.

Instead of having all participants focused on one move across the floor, I’ve started using a different across the floor technique.

Across the Floor 2.0 — Improved for Large Group X Classes

To improve the across the floor experience in larger classes, divide members into two groups. Either ask the participants to pair up, or draw an imaginary line in the middle of the room and assign a Group A and Group B.

From there, ask the first group to start an across the floor routine, such as lunges across the floor with a shoulder press with each lunge. I like to mix it up and cue a different exercise each time they go across the floor.

Then, you’ll lead the second group in a different exercise against the wall.

One option is the wall sit.

Group X wall sit

Ask that second group to find a spot on the wall, and lower their upper body down so that their hips and knees are both in 90 degree angles. Really encourage participants to get their hips low, since many will start to creep up.

The other option is a plank against the wall.

Group X plank hold

The second group can all push their toes against the wall and then scoot their arms out until they’re in a full plank.

Then, you are able to lead both groups at the same time. You can cue the first group to hold one lunge in an isometric hold at the bottom, then switch. Or, you can switch back to the second group and instruct them to do slow mountain climbers in their plank.

Once the first group goes across the floor (there and back), and arrives back at their starting point, the two groups switch. Group A will then do the plank or wall sit and Group B will do across the floor.

Once participants have done this one or two times, they’ll be more familiar and will be able to quickly get into position to do across the floor. Some classes love to have a different experience each class, and will embrace the across the floor exercises. You may find your class just doesn’t like to move from their stationary position in the middle of the floor, and that’s okay, too. Every class is different.

For more tips, check out the group exercise ideas page.

P.S. don’t mind my phone in the photos above! I believe Group X classes should always be a phone-free zone. 🙂