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The Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Group X Instructors

Mother's Day Gift Guide

For those of you looking for what to get your Group X Instructor supermom for Mother’s Day — or the supermoms that want to give their families a little nudge in the right direction — I’ve put together the following Mother’s Day gift guide.

Quick disclaimer: I am not a mom. But, I have a supermom of my own (who introduced me to group fitness classes) and a community of group fitness instructor mommy friends. On top of that, I consider myself to be a pretty good gift-giver *flips hair*.

So, here’s a look at a few gift ideas for the fabulous, wonderful, superhero Group X instructor mother in your life.

A music subscription or ITunes gift card

Woman listening to music

Figure out how your mom plays and finds music for her group fitness classes. She might use a CD or create her own playlists on ITunes or Spotify.

If she uses CDs, I’m a big fan of for premade workout playlists. If she uses ITunes, you can pick up an ITunes gift card.

You can also encourage her to try something new. Spotify is another option for Group X instructors to create playlist from a wide music selection. You can purchase a gift card to Spotify, so she can buy a Spotify Premium account and play her music in class without ads.

A new gym bag

Gym Bag for a Mother's Day Gift Guide

[$25; Amazon]

If you want to give your Group X momma something other than clothes, you might consider gifting gym accessories, like a new bag or headphones.

I received a new Adidas gym bag for Christmas and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it. After a quick look online, my bag is out of stock, but I’ve included a newer, similar model above.

A ClassPass subscription

Woman holding yoga mat

ClassPass is a subscription service that allows you to take Group X classes at a host of different local studios. There are a few different membership options, starting at $65 a month.

I’ve gone back and forth on whether I should include a ClassPass subscription on this list. On one hand, most instructor mommies don’t have a whole lot of time to attend other classes around town. But on the flip side, if your mom does have some extra time and loves trying new Group X classes, ClassPass is a great way to get your mom’s foot in the door at a bunch of different gyms.

A local massage or pedicure

Woman getting a massage

This one seems like a no-brainer to me. Group X instructors’ bodies are hard at work all the time. Give your mom the gift of relaxation with a local massage or pedicure gift certificate.

Victoria’s Secret sport pants or capris

Workout pants for a Mother's Day gift guide

[$64.50; Victoria’s Secret]

Victoria’s Secret has been having a 50 percent off sale on their workout pants for a limited time in stores. I just bought myself a pair and LOVE them. These pants meet my two main requirements: they’re thick, which means they won’t be see-through, and they have medium and high-rise, so no saggy pants in front of a class full of participants.

A fitness conference registration

A fitness convention master class

Group X instructors and personal trainers typically leave fitness conferences feeling inspired and rejuvenated in their craft. These conferences are all-day events with back-to-back sessions for fitness professionals to check out the latest equipment and fitness trends.

I know many moms have a hard time getting away for the day. Make it easy on momma and buy the ticket for her.

Here are two of the top national fitness conferences. You can also do a Google search for local conferences, meet-ups, etc.

  • IDEA World Convention, Los Angeles, CA, July 13-17, 2016
    • Full convention cost: $399 (sign-up for a 1-month IDEA membership free trial; just be sure to cancel it before they charge you)
    • 1-day cost: $219
  • SCW Mania Conventions, locations across the U.S., dates vary
    • Full convention cost: varies (roughly $250)
    • 1-day cost: varies (roughly $180)

I hope all of the Group X mommas out there have a fabulous Mother’s Day!

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