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Group X Motivational Cue: Don’t ID It, Just Let it Go

Group X Instructor sharing a motivational cue

As group fitness (or Group X) instructors, we’re always on the lookout for new motivational cues to share with our exercise classes. We all have our go-to phrases to encourage members to work harder, faster, etc. However, there’s nothing quite like the moment when you bring in a new cue that has the room buzzing with inspiration. For me, that’s one of my favorite moments in a fitness class.

I stumbled upon a new motivational cue this week that’s stuck with me. To be fair, it’s not a motivational cue in the traditional sense. This isn’t one of those, “work harder,” or, “do more,” types of instruction. However, it still plays a key role in fitness, because it helps participants clear their minds to focus and give their all to the task at hand.

The motivational cue? Whatever’s stressing it out, you don’t even need to ID it, just choose to let it go.

Shout out to Yoga with Adriene for introducing me to this cue in her, “Yoga for Stress Relief,” YouTube video. You can hear it at 8:00 minutes (embedded below).

Now, I’ve heard variations of this phrase before. And, this one hits close to home, because I personally have a wandering mind. There are many classes where I’ve gotten lost in my thoughts and come back ten minutes later to realize I totally forgot I was even taking a Group X class. So, I usually tell my class something like, “clear your mind,” or, “leave everything else at the door”. But, I worry that my cues encourage folks to think about whatever’s bothering them, ultimately making things worse. Instead, help your class let go of what’s clouding their brain without taking the time or energy to focus on the stress itself.

While this phrase is a great way to help members destress and enjoy your fitness class, it’s also a nice segue to encourage them to refocus on their workout. When folks aren’t distracted, they’re able to do better. Period. We all know maximum effort takes a person’s full attention and nobody can concentrate on their workout when they’re focusing on residue stress from work, relationships, etc.

Of course, this might not work with the style of your class, but if you like it, feel free to play around with the phrase until you find a genuine way to add it to your arsenal of group fitness cues. The goal is to liberate your Group X class — even just for an hour — from the stresses of everyday life. And, at least for me, this phrase does just that.

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