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July Links I Love for Fitness Instructors

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Fitness instructors need to stay up on the latest research and trending news happening each month. We are considered experts in our craft, and keeping up-to-date on trends comes with that responsibility. Plus, we can share new workouts, motivational cues and exercise research with the participants in our group fitness classes in order to keep them engaged, and ultimately coming back for more each week.

While articles crop up every day with new information, workouts and tricks to try, we need to sift through a lot of content to find the ones worth reading, especially in the fitness industry. To save you a bit of time, I’ve gone through and pulled some of my favorite articles from last month.

From advice for Group X participants to a new study about the effectiveness of lifting lighter weights, here are a few interesting articles from July worth the read.

  1. An answer to the age-old question: should you lift lighter or heavier weights? This one’s especially important for Group X classes with limited dumbbell options.
  2. 5 signs that a group fitness class is too difficult. Great information for participants, plus call-outs for fitness instructors to keep in mind during class.
  3. A new formula for determining how long you need to exercise to offset the perils of sitting at your desk all day.
  4. Tips for feeling more energized, broken down between morning, afternoon and evening advice.
  5. A fun plank variation that targets the obliques for fitness instructors to try in their next class.
  6. While women are hopping on the body positivity movement, men are getting left behind. Here’s a deep dive into how that’s hindering the fitness experience for men.
  7. Tony Robbins’ four tips for mental fitness, including ways to prime yourself for the day ahead.

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