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June Links I Love for Fitness Instructors

June Links I Love for Fitness Instructors

Each day, fitness articles pop up sharing new Group X classes, industry research and fresh exercise ideas. As someone who works as a Group X instructor, I read a lot of health and wellness articles, because it’s important to stay on top of the happenings and new research findings. Keeping an eye on the trends allows fitness instructors to personalize their classes based on the latest research or workout ideas, so that they can keep their participants engaged, motivated and safe.

In June, unique fitness classes, like mermaid swim classes and aerial yoga, got some time in the spotlight. And, many publications profiled the world’s oldest bodybuilder who happens to be 80 years old and has no interest in slowing down. Quite a few advice articles caught my eye that helped to remind me what it takes to be a great fitness instructor no matter how long you’ve been teaching. Of course, I always like to look at a few posts sharing creative workouts or fitness motivation that I can introduce in my Group X classes.

While I can’t include every article from last month, here’s a look at some of my favorite fitness, Group X, health and wellness articles from June.

  1. Nine things fitness instructors should not do (with hilarious GIFs).
  2. Tips for new yoga instructors to start teaching on the right foot.
  3. Have you ever heard of mermaid fitness classes you can do in the pool?
  4. A look at why participants turn to yoga.
  5. Creative dumbbell exercises to mix up your group fitness classes.
  6. The world’s oldest bodybuilder is 80 years old.
  7. Seven benefits of doing aerial yoga that make it worth trying at least once.
  8. Eleven reasons to work out that have nothing to do with weight loss.
  9. How to take your fitness routine on the road during a vacation.