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The Father’s Day Gift Guide for Group X Instructors

Father's Day Gift Guide for Group X Instructors

I’m sure most Group X dads out there are tired of getting striped ties and coffee mugs for Father’s Day. For those kids looking for what to get their fitness junkie fathers — or for the dads wanting to share a few hints — I put together the below Father’s Day gift guide.

Before we dive in, you’ll want to check out my Mother’s Day gift guide that has some unique ideas for moms and dads, like a massage or a pass to a local fitness convention. If those suggestions don’t do it for you, here are a few more ideas to consider.

A monthly meat subscription service

Carnivore Club logo

Obviously, if your dad is a vegan, vegetarian or has other dietary restrictions, don’t buy him meat. For every other fitness fanatic, yummy protein is always a crowd pleaser. Meat subscription services, like Carnivore Club or Butcher Box, look like a fun gift for protein lovers.

If you have an awesome local butcher, you can also consider picking up some meat and grilling it yourself to make a special meal for your dad.

A monthly snack subscription service

Graze logo

There are also a few snack subscription services out there that look good, like Graze or Mantry. These are a great way to add some variety to your dad’s typical snack routine.

Fitness clothes

Under Armour shirt from Sports Authority

[$27.99, Sports Authority]

It’s always fun to get new exercise clothes. Sports Authority has been having a going out of business sale, with everything up to 30 percent off.

Heart rate monitor (or other fitness gadget)

Heart Rate On a Cartoon EKG

Many gyms and fitness centers have equipment, like spin bikes and treadmills, that pare with select heart rate monitors. Some gyms even have score boards hung up that showcase users’ activities by calculating their effort as a percent of their heart rate max.

Do some digging to see if your father already has a heart rate monitor. If not, call up the gym he works at to ask the manager or front desk staff what heart rate monitors are compatible with their equipment.

Hope this Father’s Day gift guide helps, and wishing all the Group X dads out there a happy Father’s Day!

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