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December Links I Love for Gym Instructors

December Links I Love for Gym Instructors

With holidays, school tests, end-of-year reports and New Year’s resolution prep all high priority in December, it’s safe to say gym instructors had a busy month. When life gets hectic, oftentimes we don’t get to spend the time we want catching up on industry news and trends. Yet, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the fitness industry to provide the best experience for folks coming to your group fitness classes.

Each month I pull together my favorite fitness articles from the month prior to help my fellow gym instructors quickly catch up on the news. So, grab that cup of coffee or protein shake, snuggle up on the couch and dive in to the top fitness and health articles from December.

  1. A new study suggests that a single vigorous workout may do little to counter the effects of prolonged sitting, while strolling around frequently in addition to exercising does seem to keep the harm at bay.
  2. Shoulders are sexy. And this workout series exclusively targets shoulders with unique moves you don’t see that often.
  3. New Year’s resolutions are bound to fail. Try this instead.
  4. A new study shows the best time to work out varies from person to person. I LOVE the message here: any workout is better than no workout. But, always take rest days for injury, fatigue, etc.
  5. Arianna Huffington, James Altucher, and Gabrielle Bernstein share life lessons they learned the hard way.
  6. 30 bizarre fitness classes that actually exist — for anyone looking to switch it up in the new year.
  7. ‘Twas the night before fitness: how to incorporate holiday spirit into your classes.
  8. The 10 best health stories of 2016, curated by Huffington Post.
  9. 6 trainers share the one workout move they can’t live without. Did yours make the list?
  10. This article on wellness trends to watch in 2017 shares fresh, interesting predictions for the fitness industry.

As December and 2016 come to a close, we see common themes popping up. Many gym instructors in the industry are talking about the dangers of sitting, the challenges of sticking with New Year’s resolutions and fun ways to mix up the same ‘ol fitness routine.

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