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Valentine’s Day Workout Clothes For Indoor Cycling Instructors (Women)

Fun Valentine's Day Workout Clothes

You might love your dog or your family on Valentine’s Day, but do you know what else you can LOVE?! The workout clothes you wear to teach your indoor cycling and fitness classes. 

I’m a big fan of themed spin classes, especially Valentine’s Day spin routines and playlists. (Sign up for my free Spin Routine of the Week newsletter if you haven’t already.) One way to elevate a themed spin ride is by dressing on theme. Wearing Valentine’s Day themed workout clothes helps to:  

  • Entertain riders. Themed rides and workout clothes help to break up the monotony of a typical spin class. And, you don’t need to look silly or dumb to do so. 
  • Provide an exceptional experience. When you take care of the details—like matching your attire to your theme—you’re making sure that you create an exceptional experience for your class. That also goes a long way in getting butts in seats. 
  • Increase your energy. By leaning into the Valentine’s Day celebration and wearing something that makes you feel good, you’ll feel your energy levels elevate and that excitement is contagious in class. 
  • Build respect. When you take the time to plan a great class, your class will recognize that effort and respect you that much more because of it. 

To that end, I pulled together a few Valentine’s Day workout outfit ideas for my fellow indoor cycling and fitness instructors. 

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Valentine’s Day Workout Clothes: Pink and Black

This is my favorite indoor cycling outfit for Valentine’s Day, because I love (love!) hot pink. I’ve been eyeing this puffer vest for a while, and am excited to finally have an excuse to buy it. (I’ll take it off when I’m actually teaching, though.)

Cropped Workout Jacket in Black (Amazon) | Workout Leggings in Hot Pink (Amazon) | TIEM Slipstream Indoor Cycling Shoe in Black (Amazon) | Cropped Puffer Vest in Rose Red (Amazon) | Heart Earrings in Double Heart (Amazon)

Valentine’s Day Workout Clothes: Coral Pink

As soon as I saw these Coral Pink TIEMS spinning shoes, I KNEW I needed to create an outfit to match. And, this beauty is the result.

Open Back Workout Top in Pink (Amazon) | High-waist Workout Shorts in Blue (Amazon) | Rainbow Hearts Socks (Amazon) | TIEMS Slipstream Indoor Cycling Shoes in Coral Pink (Amazon)

Valentine’s Day Workout Clothes: Red and Black

Okay, okay, okay… let me explain. I couldn’t get a picture of this adorable long sleeve, mesh bolero without the rest of the outfit. It’s giving much different vibes than a spin class, so you’ll just need to picture it a bit. 😉

Long sleeve mesh hearts bolero in Black Red Heart (Amazon) | Workout leggings in Black (Amazon) | Essie nail polish in 26 Not Red-y for Bed (Amazon) | Sports bra in Dark Red – Orangish (Amazon) | TIEM Slipstream Indoor Cycling Shoe in Black (Amazon)

Hope you teach legendary Valentine’s Day fitness classes this year. Enjoy!