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Group X Spin Class Routines: Increasing Intervals (45 minutes)


It’s important for fitness instructors to keep their spin class routines interesting. If every class is the exact same thing day in and day out, participants will stop enjoying themselves and stop seeing progress. While we all have our go-to playlists and workouts, it’s important to add an exercise or two to mix it up. There are a few easy ways to spice up your spin class routines. You can add a crowd-pleasing song that you know will amp everyone up — my current song obsession is, “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” by Def Leppard.

You can also try a new exercise that’s not part of your typical toolkit. Here’s one of my spin class routines and playlists that I call “Increasing Intervals”. I’ve split up the songs into three series. The first series revolves around a “30” theme, so intervals and activities are held for 30 seconds each.

So, we start with a climb, increasing resistance from moderate intensity to hard intensity, finishing the song with a 30 second breathless interval. The next song is breathless intervals and periods of recovery for the allotted time, so 30 seconds each in this case. Finally, the series wraps up with an increasing intensity drill. Every 30 seconds, participants increase intensity, either adding resistance, increasing leg speed, sitting or standing. There are a total of four intervals: moderate, hard, very hard and breathless intensity. The group can recover for the rest of the song and can continue to recover at the start of the first song of the next series, if needed.

The next series focuses on “45”, so we do the same activities this time for 45 seconds each. Then, we do these exercises again with a “60” theme, holding everything for one minute.

I like this spin class routine, because it gives participants a chance to get good at the drills, but it also increases in difficulty as the class goes on. By the end, you’ll really need to motivate the participants to push themselves for the 1-minute intervals.

“Increasing Intervals” Spin Class Routine

Spin Class Routines: Increasing Intervals

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