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Shoulder Workouts for Group X Classes (Part II)

Shoulder Workouts Part 2

Shoulder workouts can make for some great Group X classes. It always feels good to leave fitness classes feeling like you had a tough workout, and the shoulder muscles are small enough that you can really work them hard even with limited equipment in the Group X studio. Earlier this week, I posted part one of this series, sharing three variations of the overhead press.

Today, I’m back to share three more shoulder workouts to incorporate into your next group fitness class.

Elbow squeeze

Shoulder workouts: the elbow squeeze

After warming up, grab a set of moderate dumbbells and bring your arms up into a T shape. From there, keep your arms in the same T shape and move at the shoulder joint to bring your elbows and hands to the front of the room. You’re making the motion of bringing your elbows and hands together, but more than likely your elbows and hands won’t be able to touch. Then, bring your arms back out to the T. There shouldn’t be any movement at the elbow, so don’t try to move your elbow to get them closer.

Bicep and shoulder combo

Shoulder workouts: the bicep/shoulder combo

With light to moderate weights, bring your arms up to that T shape, this time with the dumbbells facing your face. Then, keep your elbows where they’re at and lower your hands until your arms are almost straight, and bring them back up. This will work your biceps and your shoulders, and try to make the exercise as big as possible. When first learning this exercise, it’s going to be tough to extend those arms.

Double the weights

Michelle doing shoulder workouts with both weights in one hand

If it feels like the class has mastered these exercises, you can progress into doubling the weight by holding both weights in one hand. I will usually do this mostly with the overhead press, since the elbow squeeze and bicep/shoulder combo seem to be challenging on their own. But, holding both weights in one hand is a great way to get participants to increase the intensity.

Hope these shoulder workouts have inspired you to try some new exercises in your next Group X class. For more ideas, check out the workout routines page.