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Resistance Band Back Workouts for Group Fitness Instructors

Resistance band back workouts

I am obsessed with using the resistance band for chest, arms, legs and back workouts. Resistance bands are compact enough to fit in a purse or suitcase, so I can easily get a workout anywhere while simultaneously prepping for my next group fitness class. It’s so easy to modify each resistance band exercise, so that participants with a wide variety of fitness levels can all get a good workout using the same piece of equipment. I know I’m gushing, but seriously, resistance bands are AH-MAZ-ING.

Resistance bands will help you target every muscle group, so you can get a full body strength workout when you want it. And, as you know, strength training is mission critical for those looking to lose weight or get healthy. Strength training helps you burn more calories long after your workout is over, and is great for strong bones and a better mood.

Here are four resistance band back workouts that you can incorporate into a full-body or upper body strength plan.

 Back Workouts #1: Upright Row
Resistance Band Back Workouts #1: Upright Row

Wrap the resistance band around your feet so that the band comes out on the outer sides of your feet. Then, either grab the handles or “choke up” on the band by grabbing lower to make it harder resistance. From there, pull the bands back towards your sides as you squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Back Workouts #2: Reverse Fly
Resistance Band Back Workouts #2: Reverse Fly

Either sitting or standing, grab the band in both hands firmly and extend your arms out in front of you, at shoulder height, with elbows slightly bent. Then, bring your hands away from each other again squeezing your shoulder blades together. Feel free to bring your hands all the way back until they’re about an inch in front of your shoulders. You can adjust your grip to increase the resistance of the band. The closer you have your hands together, the harder the exercise will be.

Back Workouts #3: Lat Pull-down

Resistance Band Back Workouts #3: Lat Pull-down
Either sitting or standing, grab the band in one hand, holding it secure so that it doesn’t slip around in your hand. Then, grab the handle using the other hand. You want the band already pretty taunt, so feel free to choke up if the band has too much slack.

From there, with both palms facing the wall in front of you, you’re going to extend the arm holding the band above your head, so that the wrist, elbow and shoulder are all in a straight line, without locking out your arm. The other arm comes over head in the same position, then you bend at the elbow to bring your arm down toward the floor. You should feel the back muscle under the armpit working to bring your arm down by your side. You’ll bring your elbow down below shoulder height, with your wrist staying wide and slightly higher than your elbow.

Back Workouts #4: Bent-over Row

Resistance Band Back Workouts #4: Bent-over Rows
Bring your chest towards the ground until your chest is parallel to the floor, knees slightly bend. Place the resistance band under your feet, then grab either the handles or “choke up” to grab the band itself. Then, pull the band up toward the ceiling and back down, squeezing your shoulder blades together as you do it. If this doesn’t feel challenging, bring your hands closer to the ground and grab the band there. That will increase the resistance and intensity of the exercise.

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