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3 Simple Tricep Workouts for Group X Classes (Part II)

I get a kick out of finding new ways to strength train. That’s what’s so fun about being a fitness instructor — it’s a chance to get creative with how to work the same muscle groups. Last week, I shared three simple tricep workouts to show a range of different ways to achieve the same goal: working the tricep muscle.

Here are three more exercises to strengthen your triceps.

Tricep push-ups & hold

Get into a push-up position with your hands right under your shoulders. Lower your body towards the floor with elbows tight to the body. Hold the exercise when your body is halfway down and your elbow and shoulder are in a straight line.

Want to modify? Participants can be either on their knees or toes. After the exercise, consider finishing with a pushup before going towards the floor. Also, you can increase or decrease how long you hold the exercise.

Michelle doing push-up tricep workouts

Tricep Extensions with Dumbbells

When upright (standing or sitting), extend your arms over your head so that your wrists, elbows and shoulders are all stacked on top of each other, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Bending at the elbow, bring the weights behind you until your wrist and elbow are parallel.

Want to modify? You can use one weight instead of two, or replace the dumbbells with a bar. Consider incorporating a leg exercise to make it a compound movement. For example, you can do some tricep workouts along with a lunge hold or balancing on one leg.

Michelle doing extension tricep workouts

Tricep Extensions with a Band

Holding one handle of the band, face your palm towards the wall in front of you and loop the band so it’s behind your back. From there, extend that arm, so that the wrist, elbow and shoulder are stacked right on top of each other. Then, reach your other arm behind you and grab the band. Lower your arm so that your wrist is in line with our elbow and choke up on the band until it is taunt. Now, extend your arm back up toward the ceiling and repeat.

Want to modify? You’ll be able to play with your resistance, depending on how much you choke up on the band. Reach your lower hand closer toward the ceiling to make it harder and vice versa.
Michelle doing extension tricep workouts with band, facing backwards

Keep these tricep workouts in your back pocket for the next time your Group X class requests a modification. Your group fitness participants will appreciate the options.

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