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What’s Part of the Group Exercise Instructor Job Description?

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A typical group exercise instructor job description leaves a lot to be desired. Sure, you sort of already know what you’ll be doing if you’ve ever taken a group fitness class before, but what about intangible qualities that are important for Group X instructors to have? And, what about embracing and embodying the unique culture at each gym?

After a few searches, I came up with two group exercise instructor job descriptions that I found particularly helpful in understanding what is expected of you as an instructor, and what the culture is like at the gym. Check out some of my favorite lines from the 24 Hour Fitness and Club Sport job descriptions.

The 24 Hour Fitness Group Exercise Instructor Job Description

What I really liked was that the job postings went on to explain in detail what the responsibilities included, like:

  • Greet all members and orients new participants
  • Instructs class to the ability level of the students participating
  • Encourages new participants and orients them to class
  • Stores all equipment neatly and appropriately

And, the qualifications were useful, as well:

  • Ability to deal with a diversity of individuals
  • Ability to communicate with people of all age groups
  • Ability to effectively demonstrate all skills being taught to participants
  • Must be outgoing, energetic and able to perform in front of an audience

The Club Sport Group Exercise Instructor Job Description

Club Sport also keeps it real in their job description, including the responsibilities:

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early for class to prepare; stay after class to interact with members
  • Be available to substitute teach whenever possible
  • Strive to maintain and increase your class size
  • Teach to make students feel successful, and educate members on proper exercise techniques
  • Make your students’ safety and enjoyment your number one priority
  • Convey warmth and genuine interest to the students: make eye contact, smile, use students’ names, personalize the workout, even in a large class
  • Operate studio stereo equipment properly, with music at sound levels that are appropriate to class type and intensity, but also safe for students and not disruptive to the adjacent studio (where applicable)
  • Ensure all equipment and props are properly used during class and properly put away / stored after class

And, the qualifications were pretty specific, as well:

  • Properly demonstrate and perform all exercise / dance / stretch movements included in each class routine taught
  • Perform assigned class for duration of class while cuing and coaching without becoming “out of breath” (i.e., maintain a level of cardiovascular fitness that allows this)

If you are looking to start teaching group exercise classes, here’s a pro tip. I would recommend trying to find the email address for the group fitness director, and sharing your resume with them directly. I’ve been most successful in getting on a new class schedule when I’ve either sent an email directly or known someone at the gym already who was able to refer me.

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(Image Source: The Training EDGE, NASM Magazine)