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3 Reasons to Work Out, As Told By Pug Puppies

3 Reasons to Work Out

There are a million different reasons people work out. Many people, myself included, exercise in order to achieve a desired appearance, in addition to a host of other objectives. However, working out just to look a certain way can cause us to have a toxic relationship with exercise and our bodies. So, when I’m teaching Group X classes, I prefer to focus on other motivations that don’t rely on appearance. By tapping into other reasons we work out, fitness instructors can help to provide a positive experience that keeps members coming back.

Here are a few other reasons that people exercise, as told by pug puppies — because puppies make everything better, of course. And, what you might not know about me (yet :)) is that I come from a family of pug lovers. A few years ago, my mom decided to breed her pug Zoey, who gave birth to seven adorable, spirited puppies she eventually sold. Before that, we were able to take a bunch of pictures of the pups, and I’m including some here.

I work out to make friends.

Many people will come to Group X classes for the community. Working out in a group encourages folks to work harder and holds them accountable for their workout. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded people in your area that are also interested in a healthy lifestyle.

I work out to make friends. Picture of pug puppies in a row.

I work out to prevent injury.

This may sound counterintuitive, since over-exercising, improper form or unfortunate mistakes can lead to getting hurt, but exercising can also help prevent injury. By increasing flexibility and strength, members can navigate the daily tasks of life, like gardening and carrying groceries, with ease. For example, a better understanding of squats will help people pick up large, heavy items using their legs instead of putting their back at risk.

I work out to prevent injury. Picture of pug in a cone head.

I work out to sleep well.

Getting a good night’s sleep after a tough workout is one of my favorite things about exercise. I sleep noticeably better after a spin class that kicks my butt.

Stress and the glow from our devices are supposed to inhibit our ability to get a good night sleep. But, a good workout can knock you right out when it’s time for bed.

I work out to sleep well. Pugs sleeping on each other.

These are just three of the many reasons we work out that you can use to motivate your Group X class when the time is right. For more ways to pump up your class, check out the fitness motivation and cueing page.