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Group X Spin Class Routines: Triple Threat


As group fitness (or Group X) instructors, we’re always looking for new spin class ideas to keep members excited and motivated. While we all have our go-to playlists and workouts, members do appreciate when we add an exercise or two to mix it up. There are a few easy ways to spice up your spin class routines. You can add a “throwback” song to your playlist, especially a classic that has everyone singing along. You can also try a new exercise that’s not part of your typical toolkit.

Here’s one of my 45-minute spin class routines and playlist that I like to call “triple threat”. You’ll notice I use tabata timer songs for the intervals, which makes it super easy to do 20/10 intervals without losing track of time. There are a lot of different song timers out there. If you decide to give a song timer a try, take some time to listen to the preview before purchasing to make sure the countdown style works for you.

For more tips, check out the workout routines and playlists page.

“Triple Threat” Spin Class Routine


“Triple Threat” Playlist on Spotify