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Group X Spin Class Routines: Steep Hills (45 minutes)


Summer is here! And for many spinning instructors, that means a dip in your class sizes as many participants opt to ride outdoors instead. Rather than getting down on yourself about the smaller class sizes, spend that extra energy thinking of creative ways to boost morale and engage the members in your Group X classes through fun, new spin class routines.

Here’s a spinning routine that’s received good feedback from members. This one puts a special twist on the climb. In this case, you’ll start with your traditional climb, adding resistance as you pedal to move from moderate to hard intensity. And, that’s where the similarities end for your traditional climb.

Once you get to the top of the hill, you’ll ask members to maintain their resistance and do surprise sprints. That means you’ll call out a time duration and an intensity level (moderate, hard or breathless), count down from three and then folks will start their sprint. After each sprint, make sure participants get adequate recovery time. These intervals are fun, because participants need to be focused on your instructions and respond. They also mimic an outdoor ride when someone in the pack of riders decides to shoot off in front of the rest, taunting the rest of the group to keep up. The final song of the series is a reverse climb where participants will start with heavy resistance and hard intensity and take off resistance until they’ve found a moderate intensity level and are close to flat road.

To round out a 45-minute spin class, you’ll do these same drills three times through, picking different sprint durations each time. Here’s a look at the workout playlist, along with the spin class routine.

For another spin class idea, check out the Triple Threat routine.

“Steep Hills” Spin Class Routine

Group X Spin Class Routines: Steep Hills

“Steep Hills” Playlist on Spotify